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5 Simple ways to create a Work, Life, Health and Fitness Balance

At Vision PT, we know life can get overwhelmingly busy. Let us show you 5 simple ways to create a sustainable work, life, health and fitness balance.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Luke Sullivan at Prahran

It can sometimes feel like an impossible task to ensure our work, life, healthy eating and exercise are all in sync. We know all too well, the importance of ensuring this equation is finely balanced, especially with what seems to be limited hours in the day!

Many of us now consider ourselves "time-poor" and according to the Federal Government; Australia as a whole has fallen behind the rest of the developing world in trying to create harmony between Work-Life-Health and our Health!

Here are 5 super simple steps to rebalance that age old equation;


Daily Schedule

It can sometimes be difficult to think of a time to exercise. You could look back on your day and wonder where on earth you could have squished in an exercise session! Top counter act this, it is essential that we have our exercise activity pre planned out for the day! Write down a timeline of how your usual day would pan out... What time do you wake up? How long does it take you to get ready? How long does it take for you to get to work? Can you exercise in your lunch break? The more detailed you can make this plan, the easier it will be to pin point times in your day you can commit to an exercise session, even if it's a quick 20 minutes. It would also be worth finding some back up times too, you know, for those times we're running late for work or are working late. What can we commit to on Tuesday? One you have an idea about how much time you have available it then becomes easier to plan WHAT you can now commit to... Is it a quick 30 minute Resistance Training or Interval Cardio session or a longer Run or Bike Ride? If you really want to get an A* in forward planning, schedule your exercise out for the whole week and month, treat it as a Dr's appointment. Commitment is the key!


Pack your Bag

We've all been there; "I need to go home first to get changed and then make my way to the gym..." 30 minutes later; still on the sofa scrolling through Instagram! Combat this by packing your bag the night before if you're going to exercise after work, change into your active wear at the office and off you go! Training in the morning? Get everything you need for your workout out the night before and have it ready to jump straight into when you leap out of bed in the morning! By not being prepared we leave ourselves open to a plethora or excuses and reasons why we "can't make it". Remember, all it takes is 5 seconds for us to talk ourselves out of completing that workout we know will be beneficial for us!


Anything is better than nothing

Life can at times, just get in the way. Just remember that "Anything is better than nothing". The hardest part of any fitness routine is making the first move. If you don't have the time to complete all of your favourite Cardio session, complete half of it. If you're heading out on a "working lunch", do your best to make a healthy choice. Can't run for a minute without stopping? How about trying to run 30seconds then walking 30 seconds? We as humans are creatures of habit and just by making these conscious positive decisions this reinforces the good habits we need for long term success. Don't make excuses, find solutions.


Do what you enjoy

Sounds simply right? Do you enjoy taking the dog for a walk? Fantastic, make sure you plan a route that will take your roughly 60-90 minutes to ensure you get into that Optimal Fat Burning Zone! Do you love the Group environment and working out with people? Give Group Training a go! If you need 1 to 1 accountability and someone to give you guidance and tailor a plan to your needs then maybe working with a Personal Trainer is what you need! If you love Sports then how about joining a 5 a side Soccer or Touch football team? The bottom line is no matter what way you decide to keep fit, healthy and active, if you enjoy what you're doing, you're more likely to consistently do it and this will lead improve the Work- Life - Health and Exercise balance.


Stay Motivated

Sometimes no matter how much time we have available, it's just not one of those days! What better way to stay motivated than to remind yourself of WHY you are doing this and HOW you are going to feel once you've completed your exercise. Do you have a family history of Diabetes? Do you want to ensure you are being a role model to your kids? How about just simply ensuring you are in a happy, healthy and positive mind frame when you get home to your partner and children? Just by reminding ourselves of how we are going to feel after completing exercise can be enough to spur us in action!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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