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5 in 1 Strength Training

Not sure where to start with strength training? Let Vision PT show you a 5-in-1 strength training method you can use to stay strong and healthy.
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Dima Yatsenko at Rose Bay

Scenario: " I really need to make a lifestyle change, I've put on extra kilograms, I'm feeling tired most of the time and just the thought of exercise is making me reach for comfort food, this cycle cannot go on "

Whether you've had this exact word for word self-realisation or something similar in its place, the most common question we ask ourselves is, where do I start?

Don't get me wrong, making a healthy meal or going for a walk is a great choice and can clear the mind. Alternatively, I want you to imagine a transformation taking place, firstly internally, within yourself followed by an external transformation of your physical self.

What I am talking about is strength training. There are many benefits for strength training, and yes it is for everyone. There are a variety of ways you can undertake a strength training routine, from beginner to advanced, it will have a positive effect on your mind and body.


1. Strength training is one of the best ways to build lean muscle tissue and protect our bones. After puberty you begin to lose about 1% of your bone and muscle strength every year. It does not matter where you start, with proper technique and progression over time, you will notice changes in your body.


2. Looking to lose weight? Strength training has benefits when looking to shed weight off. The more muscle mass you hold the more calories you burn through your resting metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories). Studies have shown that women that follow a weights-training routine 3 times a week increased the amount of calories they burned throughout the day.


3. Returning from injury or surgery? Looking to improve your body mechanics? Well guess what, strength training will improve your balance, posture and flexibility. For those who are looking to start running again, start with a strength program.


4. There have been many studies documented about strength training and its role in disease prevention. For those that suffer from arthritic pain, resistance and strength training has show a decrease in pain levels in areas affected by arthritis. For the millions of sufferers of diabetes, lifestyle changes combined with strength training has shown to improve glucose control.


5. Strength training and resistance exercise will elevate your levels of endorphins which will make you feel great. Benefits include improved sleep and improved energy, it is a great antidepressant and will produce an overall improvement of your quality of life.

So what are you waiting for? When you're ready to start, utilise every opportunity to begin your strength training routine and watch your transformation take place.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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