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Melissa Kehagias & James Pearson

11kg and 7kg Weight Loss
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Client from Kogarah

Before Melissa Kehagias and James Pearson (before)
After Melissa Kehagias and James Pearson (after)

We joined Vision Kogarah earlier this year, James joined in April and Mel - after seeing the great results James was having - joined in July. It's been the best experience either of us has had with a gym. Not only do we have great, supportive and motivating trainers in Peter and David, we also receive that same support from the other trainers and members in the studio and love taking part in the challenging yet fun group classes. Being in this together has also helped a lot, keeping us accountable to our trainers and each other and helping to motivate one another. The nutritional meal plans and advice that Peter and David give us are invaluable and have helped to completely transform our lifestyles. We're not on diets, we've overhauled the way we eat, exercise and think. When James joined in April, it was after many years of struggling with exercise due to back problems. His main goal at Vision was to be able to exercise and gain strength without hurting his back further. Prior to working with Peter, James had never had a trainer watch his form so closely and this has been a main contributor to his success at Vision. Since starting with Vision, James has gone from strength to strength with no back pain and has never felt better. When Mel started in July, it was after months of avoiding the gym and developing very unhealthy eating habits. Since joining, Mel has developed a completely different and positive mentality towards exercise and food. On top of all this, we both love the great family vibe at Vision Kogarah. Being a part of the studio has genuinely changed our lives!


Mel and James

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