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Dora Hazzouri

Health, Wellness and Weight Loss
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Client from Surry Hills

Dora Hazzouri (after)

What made you join Vision initially?

Due to previous medical history, it was of importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle with foods and exercise. I had the ability to lose weight on my own however, the exercise was something I required support, motivation and mindset to do so.

What do you enjoy about training in our Studio?

I didn't have the confidence to walk into a gym as it made me feel uncomfortable. Vision PT is not a typical gym, it is a Studio, a place where there are professional trainers here to help you achieve your goals and objectivities. I enjoy my personal training sessions and group training which helps me become more motivated to achieve my goals and deliver results.

How was the nutrition support useful in your health and fitness journey?

The Vision PT app is great, and our initial nutritional sessions are useful. It amazes me how much I've learnt with what exactly are in different foods we eat. It has allowed me to be aware of foods and their contents to choose a better and healthier option. I have also learnt the importance of having good food and nutrition to assist with my fitness journey.  

What challenges have you faced on your journey? How have you overcome them?

The challenges I've had is doubting myself and not being able to set goals on my own. Today, I have learnt how to control my mindset and to think more positive to set myself personal goals. My trainer continually supported me to achieve my goals and ensure I had goals in place to achieve these. There were times during sessions where I thought I couldn't complete a set, do a certain exercise, commit on a cardio machine or simply a lap run. With Vision PT Surry Hills, the trainers were on top of motivating us, pushing our boundaries and giving us that sense of energy to ensure we can achieve these results.

What results have you achieved so far?

I started at the studio mid-August 2019 with my intention to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. To date I have lost a total of 17 kg and maintaining a heathier lifestyle. I am proud to say that now my body fat percentage is within optimal range and able to perform exercises better than I have ever before.

What are your future health and fitness goals?

I would like to continue to maintain my weight and healthy lifestyle both through physical exercise and good food. I see this as an ongoing factor within my life and want to ensure that Vision PT can continue to guide me along the way.

What other areas of your life have been impacted by the changes you have made to your overall health?

My mindset is a lot stronger; I feel more motivated to achieve and always feel really energised each and every day. Personally, I am more confident to pick up gym equipment, use a cardio machine and understand what areas of the body are being worked to improve my fitness journey.

What would your advice be to anyone looking to begin their own health and fitness journey?

You need to take the first step, be dedicated and motivated in order to make a change. I believe that Vision PT Surry Hills can be of assistance to this to not only achieve your results, however make this your lifestyle and that's what's exciting!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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