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David Mclean

Lost 12kgs
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Client from Drummoyne

Before David Mclean (before)
After David Mclean (after)

What an awesome transformation from David. Through the belief of his trainer, focus on his food and training, and help from his partner, David looks fantastic! Here's a quick interview where David answers questions about his journey. 

What state was your health and confidence in prior to Vision?

Health was not in a good place, I developed asthma for the first time in my life a few months before joining the studio and was overweight, constantly short of breath with poor cardio fitness.  The weight I had put on my stomach was not flattering.  Although I consider myself a pretty confident person this was not the case with my body image at all.  You would never find me at a beach with my shirt off.

What result have you achieved?

I have lost over 12kg on my journey and gained more muscle tone than I have had in over 15 years.  My cardio fitness has improved dramatically.  I am far more conscious of my eating habits and the effect/impact they have on my overall health than I have ever been.

What component was the most crucial in achieving your goal?

My trainer Drew is without doubt the single most important factor in my ability to achieve my goal.  He has kept me focused through education, committed through understanding and accountable with a smile.  I would not have believed I could have made the changes I have if he had not taken the right approach with motivation.

What would you say to a friend if they asked you about your experience? 

What I have already said - Vision PT is the only program I have ever engaged in that has delivered results that were achievable and maintainable.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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