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Alison Page

I'm strong and healthy!
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Client from Bondi Junction

Before Alison Page (before)
After Alison Page (after)

I have always been a gym goer, cheeky 5km run around the block and swimmer, though I had never paid a lot of attention to the diet side of my training. I'm mostly a clean eater but found it hard to lose those extra kilos or turn the fat into toned muscle. 

When a good friend of mine recommended Vision to join my goal wasn't to lose weight it was more to get back into a routine of weight training and having some structure with a Personal Trainer and understanding nutrition better. The classes boxing and run club also enticed me! 

After my first 9 weeks I was hooked. Tracking and learning about macros and what types of foods to consume gave me such satisfaction and I could see the results showing. I became stronger each week and when I received compliments on my physique it felt so rewarding. 

My trainer Chris is always available to ask questions about nutrition and different exercises to target different goals. The constant 4/5 week change in training keeps me interested and Chris always keeps me motivated to get to my fitness goals! Whether it be reaching more unassisted pull ups, lifting heavier or running in a charity fun run. 

Since being at Vision for now over four years it's the sense of community the trainers and clients bring, that keeps me coming back! 

Over the years I've been switching my routines from more weights/less cardio then changing it up to add more cardio high intensity workouts, learning different nutrition and what works for my body type. 

I'm definitely an advocate for the Vision program and have recommended friends to join the gym. I'm always happy to talk about my diet and training routine to help other people understand what I do to keep on track. It's not always about losing weight! Being strong and healthy is my main priority. 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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