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Alicia Jovcevski

My healthy body & mind is now a way of life for me!
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Client from Engadine

Before Alicia Jovcevski (before)
After Alicia Jovcevski (after)

"After many years of yo-yo dieting & being completely unaware of my poor eating habits, Vision Personal Training Bangor was a godsend!

I walked through the doors of Vison Bangor, 30kgs over weight & with a broken elbow, which meant I was completely unable to exercise & very unhappy.

After only just 3 months with Vision PT Bangor, with no exercise at all & just following my macronutrient diet, I managed to lose an amazing 13kgs!! Once I was then able to exercise, I went on to lose another 17kgs & keep the weight off - now being 4 years later!

Vision Bangor has taught me how to eat & exercise for longevity & has made me a much happier, more active & confident person!

My family has now also benefited from me joining Vision, as we now all exercise regularly at the Vision Group Training Session & they have enjoyed becoming educated on how to eat for long lasting results via Vision's great Nutrition Seminars.

There were no bootcamp, killer/smashing training sessions, just fantastic & approachable Personal Training sessions with my Trainer, invaluable nutrition sessions that educated me on how to eat properly & awesome Group Training Sessions that gave me a support network with other fellow Bangor Studio Clients.

They are not like a commercial gym & have a small friendly Studio, where everyone knows your name. You are not just a number, you become a part of their community".

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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